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What Is An Author Agreement

We offer two model author agreements, one for magazines and one for academic departments and unit sites. During the Covid 19 crisis, we understand that some authors may not have access to devices to allow electronic return of a scanned and signed Author Publishing Agreement. If this applies to you, please read these FAQs. If you are able, please return the full Author Publishing Agreement as usual. Authors are required to submit an author`s contract form immediately after the manuscript is accepted. The corresponding author of the manuscript can sign and send the form on behalf of all co-authors. The author`s consent form must be sent to the editor before the manuscript is published in the journal. . Magazines can adopt these terms in a way that best meets the magazine`s requirements. For academic units, language provides mirrors that are used for individuals who download their own content in eScholarship, and units should use the language that is identical or substantially similar. Section – I: Integrity and Originality of the Manuscript Email: Send the forms in the form of attachments to: To send the Author Agreement form to the IJCRI Journal, you can send it as an attachment Note: If you send via the site, please note that there are several file download boxes for the forms. Select the name of the form to be sent, then add the pages of the form in the form of image files or PDF files. Please send a form every time.

If the author`s agreement form or other forms are faxed, faxed forms must have readable names and signatures. Section – IV: Permission to multiply published documents In order for us to have the rights to publish your article, we ask you to grant you an exclusive publication license. (We are not asking you to transfer your copyright to us.) An exclusive license means that the rights necessary to publish the article are exclusively granted to the owner of the magazine and that the ownership of the copyright remains unchanged. Choose the right form in the choice of the three forms: the form can be sent to the editor in the form of scanned images (for example. B.jpg or JPEG format), either as PDF files. In the case of open access, there is a fundamental principle that content must not only be accessible, but must also be freely reusable for the good of research and humanity. We respect this principle by asking you to choose a Creative Commons license in your form. The CC license you have chosen determines how readers can use your article. Before Cambridge can publish a magazine article (or some other type of newspaper content), we need a signed license to publish. To find the right form, first think about publishing your article in open access or non-open access, then select the most appropriate option.